10 Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas

You are searching for 10 Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas? Best mandap decoration for ganesh chaturthi. Ganapati Mandap Decoration Photo. We have brought you some beautiful ideas of Ganpati decoration at home.

Ganpati Mandap Decoration: Ganpati flower decoration can be done using different flowers like lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, roses and marigolds. You can also choose to use two or three colors as a theme for flower decoration for Ganapati at home.

Before how to decorate Ganapati Mandap, let us know a little about Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is an important Hindu God who is admired and worshiped by many people. So people celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi with great joy and gaiety and also install idols of Ganesha in their houses with flower decorations.

If you are going to celebrate the festival this year, we have listed some of the best flower decorations for Ganpati below. Of course, you can also use these flower decorations for any other puja at home, like housewarming, Chaturthi, Diwali, etc. Whenever you choose to decorate Ganapati idol with flowers, get inspiration from some flower decoration ideas and images.

Ganapati Mandap Decoration Ideas Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas

Read on to know more about Ganpati flower decoration ideas and see these images for inspiration.

Ganpati flower decoration with drapes
Ganesha flower decoration with orchid and carnation against white background. Ganapati flower decoration with drapes in the background.

Add to the beauty of your Ganapati flower decoration with drapes like the image above. Create a frame with brightly colored flowers like orchids or roses and mix them with white-toned buds surrounded by lots of leaves.

For the backdrop of the frame, use drapes in light colors like white or cream and add some trinkets to the setting to make it pop.

Ganapati Mandap Decoration with Marigold and Rose | Best mandap decoration for ganesh chaturthi
Ganpati Flower Decoration with Marigold and Roses Ganpati Flower Decoration with Marigold and Roses (Source- Pinterest.com)

If you, like us, love plain and simple marigold flowers, then this Ganpati flower decoration is for you. Take a simple table and make a frame around it. Then use a garland of bright orange marigold flowers to wrap around this frame and cover the entire table with it. As in the image above, use roses liberally in this decoration and let the contrast between the colors of the two flowers complement each other.

Marigold flower garlands are very common in Hindu rituals, and for a reason. They symbolize the sun and are known to bring positivity and brightness to their surroundings. It is also a flower closely associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and the parent of Lord Vishnu – Lord Ganesha.

Ganpati Flower Decoration with White Rose | Best Mandap Decoration for ganesh chaturthi
Ganpati flower decoration made with white roses and wooden background White rose Ganpati flower decoration for home (Source- Pinterest.com)

The white rose has a special significance – it symbolizes purity, innocence and fidelity. Hence, they make the best options as Ganapati flower decorations.

After you’ve decided on a suitable background (which could be an accent wall in your home), create a square frame and line it with white roses as in the image above. Don’t forget to add a touch of green; It brings out the white color of the rose beautifully. You can also have some lights to add to the overall ambiance.

Diya and Flower Decoration for Ganapati at Home | Best Mandap Decoration for ganesh chaturthi
Diyas and Flowers in Ganapati Decorations for Home (Pinterest.com)

If you live in a small apartment and have a small space for a Ganapati temple, choose a simple yet elegant design like the image above. While choosing diyas and flower ganpati decorations at home, choose to work with different flowers of different colors like marigold, jasmine, orchid, rose and more and create designs like rangoli with flowers. Add some flowers to the headboard or frame as well.

Place different types of diyas aesthetically – some inside the flower rangoli, some as lamps near the idol, and maybe hanging lamps near the sides.

Ganapati Mandap Decoration with Sesha Backdrop | Best Mandap Decoration for ganesh chaturthi
A flower decoration of Ganapati in the shape of Sesha – known as the king of all serpents in Hindu mythology. Ganpati Flower Decorations for Big Celebrations at Bungalow or Society (Source- Pinterest.com)

If you are ready to enthusiastically participate in your Ganpati celebrations this year after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, go ahead and make something awesome.

Take inspiration from the image above and create a Ganapati flower decoration in the shape of Sesha – the king of all snakes on which Lord Vishnu is often seen resting. According to mythology, Sesha carries all the planets on his various hoods and is known to sing the praises of Vishnu from all his mouths. The entire frame can be created using marigold flowers – which are not only symbolic but also gorgeous.

Orchid, Carnation and Rose Ganapati Mandap Decoration | Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
A small temple with Ganapati flower decoration made with colorful flowers and snake plant leaves. A beautiful Ganapati flower decoration, perfect for a small home temple (Source- Pinterest.com)

Create an attractive temple with this Ganpati flower decoration design using roses, orchids and carnations. Each flower has a specific symbol which only adds to the beauty of this idea. Orchids represent beauty, charm and love. Roses symbolize courage and purity, and carnations stand for sweetness and good fortune. Put them together with some leaves and snake plants, and you can create a design like the image above. Just use flowers to decorate your small temple frame, and it’s done!

Yellow and Green Ganpati Flower Decorations | Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
Ganesha floral decorations using grass, roses and marigold flowers, additional decorations include bells and lamps. Flower Decorations for Ganapati at Home in Green and Yellow Theme (Source- Pinterest.com)

Yellow and green Ganpati flower decoration for home is not only gorgeous but color also matters. In various cultures, green is known to attract money, and ambition and yellow is associated with happiness, optimism and knowledge.

Use a green background and add a circular frame with your choice of flowers such as roses from the image above and within the circle, numerous strings of bright yellow marigolds. The green and yellow have a beautiful contrast and make the Ganesha idol stand out.

Paper Flower Decoration for Ganapati at Home | Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
Homemade Ganpati flower decorations using white paper flowers

If you love DIY projects, this Ganpati flower decoration idea is just for you. Made using chart paper and paint, this is the simplest decoration idea. Get your kids involved in this DIY project and teach them about the festival while you spend time making these easy paper flowers.

Carnations and Lilies Ganapati Mandap Decoration | Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
Pink lilies and carnations along with orchids are a part of this Ganpati flower decoration. Flower decorations for Ganpati at home with pink lilies and carnations (Source- Pinterest.com)

The pink carnations in the Ganapati floral decoration from the image above represent deep gratitude and the feeling of never forgetting someone, and the pink lilies represent femininity and appreciation. So both these flowers make an excellent choice when it comes to flower decorations for Ganapati at home.

Use a gold, brown or beige curtain or drape to act as a background and have some additional decorations in the form of lights and decorations to enhance the design.

Yellow and White Flower Decorations for Ganapati at Home | Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
Yellow, gold and white themed Ganapati flower decorations that will wow you! Stunning Ganpati flower decoration made using marigold and chrysanthemum flowers (Source- Pinterest.com)

White brings with it a sense of freshness and purity. It makes the space clean and calm and helps to give a facelift to a dull looking space. Yellow on the other hand is the color of happiness and prosperity. It is a color that encourages creativity, positivity and happiness.

Bring these two colors together in a Ganapati flower decoration, and you have something people can’t stop talking about. For example, in the image above, the overarching theme of this decor idea is surrounded by gold, white, cream and yellow tones. The use of flowers like marigold and jasmine to represent these shades only adds to the beauty of the decoration.

Peacock feathers and artificial flower decoration for Ganpati at home |Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
Flower decorations for Ganapati at home are done with paper flowers along with peacock feathers. Ganapati flower decoration made with cardboard, artificial flowers and peacock feathers (Source – Pinterest.com)

Get innovative with flower decorations for Ganpati at your home. Who said only fresh flowers look beautiful? Refer to the image above and get inspired by artificial flowers and peacock feathers.
A colorful mix of paper or fabric flowers will work wonders and add some lightness to your decor, while peacock feathers will only add to the beauty of the space. For the backdrop, you can use any accent wall in your home or cover any wall with a classy looking drape, and your setup is complete!

Ganapati Mandap Decoration with Orchid | Ganpati Mandap Decoration Ideas
Flower Decoration for Ganapati at Home Different types of orchids are used for Ganapati flower decoration in apartment (Source- Pinterest.com)



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