Accident Assistance Scheme 2023 | Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme

Accidental Insurance Scheme

Accident Assistance Scheme 2023

Different types of schemes are run by the Gujarat government in Gujarat. Gujarat government has launched a portal to implement schemes for farmers known as iKhedoot Portal. With this botad Gujarat government launched many schemes for farmers like tractor assistance scheme, farmer smartphone assistance scheme, Kisan Transport Scheme (iKhedoot Portal scheme 2022) are being implemented.

Khedut Vima Yojana (Khedut Vima Yojana) was implemented by the Gujarat Government on the day of Republic Day i.e. 26th January in 1996. Today we will get information about farmer insurance scheme and also information about what we have to do to avail the benefits in this scheme.

What is Household Farmer Asset Insurance Scheme? | Khatedar Khedut Vima Yojana 2023

Khedut Vima Yojana 2023: Gujarat government has implemented a scheme to protect the lives of farmers, this scheme is known as Khedut Vima Yojana. Today, if the farmer is a holder of the scheme, he can benefit from this scheme. This scheme is 100% administered by Gujarat State. The scheme is administered and administered in Gujarat under “Gujarat Group Accident Insurance Scheme” and the scheme has an irregular office located at Gandhinagar.

Farmers Insurance Scheme A farmer insurance scheme has been implemented for the life protection of the farmers. If a farmer dies of permanent disability under the Kedar Khedut Accident Insurance Scheme, he will be entitled to the benefit of the scheme’s Mandi Rukshi Sahai Yojana.

Farmer Insurance Scheme has been implemented in Gujarat on 01/04/2008.

What Is Purpose Of Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme | Objective of Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme

The main objective of the Government of Gujarat under this scheme is to provide financial assistance to any child of a farmer whose husband dies during an accident and has permanent disability.
Main Conditions of Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme

All the following conditions must be fulfilled to avail the benefits of Householder Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme Read the following conditions:
The person who contributes half of the accident insurance scheme must be a permanent self-employed farmer who is deceased or permanently disabled or holding land in the state of Gujarat in individual or joint name or the children of the farmer or their husband and wife to apply.

The reason for availing this scheme is death or permanent disability of a person or accident.
The scheme does not cover suicide or natural causes of death of persons.
The age of the deceased or permanently disabled person should be between five years and 70 years.
If the application is made in the office of the concerned District Agricultural Officer within 150 days of the death of the farmers, then this will be eligible for the accident insurance scheme.

Revised Assistance Standard in Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme | Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme

A resolution dated 13/11/2018 has been passed by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation in Gujarat. Beneficiaries will be eligible for Farmer Insurance Assistance Scheme under this resolution.

In case of death of a person due to an accident resulting in permanent disability, in that case the farmer will get 100% farmer insurance scheme i.e. two lakh rupees.
If a farmer loses his two limbs or two eyes or his two arms and legs or his one eye and one limb during an accident, the farmer will be entitled to a one hundred percent write-off i.e. two lakh rupees in the farmer insurance scheme.

A person applying under this scheme will be eligible for 100% farmer insurance scheme if his vision has been lost during an accident or the upper part of the hand has been completely amputated as well as the knee.
If the applicant has lost an eye or a limb during an accident, he will be entitled to Rs.1 lakh as a 50% contribution under the Farmers Insurance Scheme.

Documents required for Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Gujarat Documents

In Gujarat, the required documents for Kheddar Khedoot Bima Yojana run by the Government of Gujarat Agriculture & Farmers Welfare have been determined and your documents will be required while filling the application form of Khedoot Accident Bima Yojana.

Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Form PDF | Accident Assistance Plan PDF
The Agriculture Directorate of Gujarat Government and its official website have released PDF of Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme or Farmer Accident Assistance Scheme and Group Insurance Scheme form for farmers. Under this scheme one can avail the benefit of this death assistance scheme by studying the circular as well as bad. Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Form pdf (Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Form PDF) can be downloaded from the button below.

Click Here To Download PDF



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