Add New Member’s Name Online In Ration Card  From Your Phone.

  • How to Add New member Name in Ration Card
  • The benefits card is a Necessary document for Any Planning
  • Add name on new member ration card

This document is mandatory

A ration card is a necessary document for availing the benefits of government programs. A ration card is required for each job. It has been renewed so many times that it leaves out the new person’s name. Now information on how you can add the name of a new member of your household to the ration card if you are returning now.

Only this document is required

If it is necessary to add the names of new members to the ration card. A photocopy of the ration card along with the original card to add the names of the new members. If there is a person in the family, an attestation sheet must be filed. Parent card of this Aadhaar is also required. If there is a newly married woman in the family and the name is to be added in the letter, she needs to have Aadhaar card, marriage certificate and main ration card of the family.

How to add name on ration card 

1. First, go to the website of the state food authority. You can request a visit on this website.

2. First you need to create login ID for your ration card on this website. If you have already created an ID, please login.

3. On the web page you see the option “New partner”, click on it and select it.

4. Enter the new member information in this form for member information.

5. After filling out the form, the requested document is to upload this copy.

6. After processing, click Submit.

7. You will get your job after registration number one.

8. After that it will be checked by department officials. If the information in the form is correct, your form will be accepted and your payment will be made through the new ration card post

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