Beauty Parlour Sahay Yojana : Hello friends, Gujarat government has implemented many different government schemes to make the people of the state economically and professionally viable. Loans are available at very low interest rates . Today we are going to inform all our friends about “ Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana ”.

All other schemes for Scheduled Tribes like Study Loan , Car Loan , Tabela loan and Loans For Beauty Courses are currently run by Tribal Development Department which you can get detailed information by visiting the website of Adijati Nigam.

This scheme is implemented by Gujarat Tribal Development Corporation Gandhinagar . In which the government gives loans to the girls and boys of Scheduled Tribes living in the state who want to start a beauty parlor business at a very nominal interest rate, so that they can start this business and support themselves. He can live a self-respecting life.

What is Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana?

This scheme is mainly for Scheduled Tribe girls and youths living in the state of Gujarat . This loan is not an SBI Bank Loan, HDFC Bank Loan, ICICI Bank Loan but this is a Loan Sahay given by the government . In which ST category youth living in the state who want to start a beauty parlor business if they have good skills. You are given this government loan by the state government from which they can start this business and move forward.

Name of the schemeBeauty Parlor Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2022
objectiveScheduled Tribe girls and youths can support themselves and avoid unemployment by doing beauty parlor business.
BeneficiaryScheduled Tribe youth
Type of applicationOnline
Where to applyApply Now

Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2022

Beauty Salon Start Up Loans- Benefits

In this scheme, Tribal Development Corporation provides Sarkari Loan to ST category girls and boys to start a beauty parlor business . For this, they have to apply online on Aadijati Nigam Gujarat Portal .

If ST category youth who are unemployed and have experience in beauty parlor then the government will give Sarkari Bank Loan to them at very low interest to open a beauty parlor . The total loan amount is Rs 75,000/- . That is, the beneficiary gets a total loan of Rs 75,000/- in which the beneficiary has to contribute 10% of the loan amount . So that Scheduled Tribe girls and youths will be able to follow their footsteps and themselves will be able to come forward in the society.

Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana Loan – Interest Rate

In this scheme, the beneficiary applicant gets a total loan of Rs 75,000/- and the interest on that loan is given at a simple interest of 4% . In case of delay in repayment of this loan by the beneficiary, he will have to pay an additional 2% interest .

BeautyParlour Sarkari Loan Repayment Period

After getting this loan, the beneficiary can buy the beauty parlor equipment and start the beauty parlor business. To repay this loan, the applicant has to pay in 20 quarterly easy installments with interest .

Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2022 Eligibility

This scheme is run by Aadijati Vikas Vibhag . This scheme will be eligible for this loan to the Scheduled Tribe youths of the state in which the following eligible Scheduled Tribe youths will be eligible.

  • Applicant should be a native of Gujarat state.
  • Applicant should not belong to Scheduled Tribe .
  • Applicant should have Aadhar Card and Election Card .
  • Applicant’s age should be between 18 to 55 years.
  • Applicant should have a certificate of completion of beauty parlor course .
  • Certificate of experience of the applicant having worked in a beauty parlor in any establishment .

Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana – Income Limit

  • In this scheme, ST category boys and girls are eligible for this loan
  • In which an annual income limit of Rs 1,20,00/- has been kept for people living in rural areas .
  • An annual income limit of Rs 1,50,000/- has been fixed for those living in urban areas .

Document Required For Beauty Parlour Sahay Yojana

This assistance scheme is offered by the Tribal Development Corporation to the Scheduled Tribe girls and youths residing in the state who are currently unemployed and have beauty parlor experience can apply for this assistance.

In which the following supporting evidence has to be presented for this plan.

  1. Election card of the beneficiary applicant .
  2. Aadhaar card of the beneficiary applicant .
  3. Ration card of beneficiary applicant .
  4. Scheduled Tribe Certificate of Beneficiary Applicant .
  5. Beneficiary Applicant A Beauty Parlor No Course Certificate.
  6. Certificate of experience of the applicant having worked in a beauty parlor in any establishment .
  7. Ownership proof presented by the beneficiary applicant (7/12 and 8/a of land or building document or recent property card )
  8. Proof of Ownership of Beneficiary Guarantor-1 (7/12 and 8/A of land or building document or recent property card )
  9. Proof of Ownership of Guarantor-2 of Beneficiary Applicant (7/12 and 8/A of land or building document or recent property card )
  10. Government Approved Valuation Report of Property of Zamindar-1 .
  11. Government Approved Valuation Report of Property of Zamindar-2 .
  12. Beneficiary Applicant’s supporting evidence for business if the shop is owned or lease agreement if rented.
  13. Both the zamindars of the beneficiary applicant have to submit an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.20 .
  14. Beneficiary applicant’s bank account passbook.

Online Registration For Beauty Parlour Sarkari Loan

For this loan assistance, Scheduled Tribe girls and these youths have to go to the Government’s Adijati Vikas Nigam website and apply online for this loan . So the information about how the beneficiary has to do the online application for this assistance is given in detail here, which is as follows.

First of all, go to ” Google Search ” and search ” Adijati Vikas Nigam “. The website of Tirbal Development Corporation Gandhinagar will be opened on the first page that appears . Click on Apply Now on the home page .

If you are applying online for the first time , then you have to go to Register Here and create a new Id and Password . After that , you have to login .

After login, you have to go to ” My Application” and click on ” Apply Now “. It will show many types of schemes where you have to click on ” Self Employment “.

After going to ” Self Employment ” you have to select ” Beauty Parlor  in the scheme selection and select the loan amount .

Now all the information related to the assistance has to be read in detail and applied. In the details , all the details like the beneficiary ‘s name , date of birth , address , loan details , guarantor details , bank details have to be filled carefully.

Now, if your application is completely filled online , then you have to check it again and save the application. Finally, the registration number of the application will be generated, which you have to save.

After that, if the beneficiary wants to take a print of his application, he can go to Print Application and take a print.

Beauty Parlour Sahay Yojana Apply Online Here

If the beneficiary applicant wants to apply online for this scheme, then the link to apply for this scheme is given below in which you can go and apply from here.

Adijati Vikas Corporation Gandhinagar Helpline Number

Online application has to be done for this loan . If you have any other kind of problem regarding this assistance or want to get any other kind of planning information, you can call the helpline number below and get more information.

Helpline Number : +91 79 23253891, 23256843, 23256846

E-mail : gog.gtdc@govtyojana

“FAQ” Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana

Who is Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2022 for?

This scheme is for Scheduled Tribe Youth of Gujarat State.

What is the loan for in Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana?

People who want to start a beauty parlor business in this scheme get the benefit of this scheme.

How much loan is given in Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana?

In this scheme, a loan of Rs. 75,000/- is given to scheduled tribe youth to start a beauty parlor business.

Where to apply online for Beauty Parlor Sahay Yojana?

For this loan one has to go to the website of Adijati Nigam and apply online.

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