Credit Card UPI Payment : Link your credit card to wallet | no extra charge, know how

Credit Card UPI Payment

Credit Card UPI Payment

Ever since UPI credit card was launched in India its popularity is increasing day by day. The latest is that now payments like NEFT, RTGS are getting less and less. The use of debit cards and credit cards (using credit cards without additional charges) has also been reduced by people. You might not even know the last time you made a debit card payment. For this reason, even growing companies like MasterCard and Visa cards are under tension as their card transactions are declining.

Due to which their income has also been affected. In such a situation, after linking the debit card and credit card with UPI, people can promote the credit card. However, this will incur a charge. But if you have a card of a particular network, you will be able to make payments up to Rs 2 thousand without any charges. Now we are explaining how you can link credit and debit cards in your wallet.

How to link on Paytm

Go to the Paytm app and click on your profile picture. Go to Payment Settings and click on Save Cards option. Then tap on Add New Card. Paytm will charge your card for Rs. 2 and then refund it in the next two days. Upon processing, you will be asked for card details. After selecting ‘Save card as per RBI latest guidelines’, Rs. Then complete the process by entering the OTP.

How to link credit card on PhonePe

Go to Phone PE and click on your profile picture. There go to View All Payment Methods option. Tap on ADD CARD under Credit/Debit Cards. Enter your card details and tap on Add option. Enter the OTP and submit.

Here’s how to link a credit card to Google Pay

Open Google Pay and go to your profile. Select the option to select a credit card by tapping on Pay Businesses or by setting up payment methods. After processing you have to scan your card. You can also enter your details manually. Enter the expiry date and CCV and save it. After reading the terms, click on More and then Accept and Continue. You will get an OTP on the registered mobile number, after entering the process will be completed.

How to use credit card on UPI


Go to the app and scan the merchant’s QR code. Enter the amount. Select your credit card and enter the CVV. The further process will be automatic. If you want to stop payment here, you have to select tap and hold option to stop sending OTP

Google Pay

Go to the app. Enter amount here, select card and make payment. For this you will get OTP, enter it then you will get payment confirmation.


  1. Go to Paytm Wallet that appears in My Paytm.
  2. Enter the amount and add it to the wallet.
  3. Pay by entering your credit card and CVV details.


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