Daughters will get more than 1 lakh in this government scheme | you can also register | see here how

Daughters will get more than 1 lakh in this government scheme

Daughters will get more than 1 lakh in this government scheme

Daughters and women were oppressed in the society for centuries, but now the government is running schemes to uplift every section. Similarly daughters are also not given proper respect in our society, but now our democracy is so strong that daughters are also serving the country without any discrimination from administration to army. In such a situation, the government is also worried about their studies. There is a scheme under which the government gives more than 1 lakh rupees to your daughter. Let’s know about this scheme.

How much money will you get?

Under this scheme, the government deposits Rs 6-6 thousand in a fund in your daughter’s name for 5 years. In this way, a total of Rs 30,000 is deposited in your girl’s name. Then when your daughter takes admission in class 6, the government deposits Rs 2,000 in her bank account. Similarly for taking admission in class 9 Rs. 4,000, for admission in class 11 Rs. 6,000 and for taking admission in class 12 Rs. 6,000 is remitted to the bank account. After this, when your daughter turns 21, a final payment of Rs 1 lakh is made to her. Now that the government has increased the amount in this scheme, the last payment will also increase.

How to apply?

Anyone can deposit all the documents of his daughter in the Anganwadi or contact the workers there. Application can be made from Public Service Centre, Project Office or any Internet Cafe. After this your application will go to the project office for approval, where the application will be verified and the application will be approved or rejected. After the application is approved, the government will issue a certificate of Rs 1 lakh 43 thousand in your daughter’s name. The government has recently increased the amount available under this scheme. Earlier, a certificate of 1 lakh 18 thousand rupees was available under this scheme.

Can you apply?

The benefit of this scheme is given to those girls of the state, whose parents are natives of Madhya Pradesh and are not income tax payers. The name of this scheme is Ladli Lakshmi Yojana. Which is being run by Madhya Pradesh Government.



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