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To be ready in case you lose your phone or pill or Wear OS watch, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} make sure find My Device can find it. If your device is already lost learn how to search out, lock, or erase it.

Google collects bound data about your golem device once it’s enabled for notice My Device. we don’t keep track of or store passwords, credit and charge account credit numbers, checking account data, nor anything that would be accustomed establish you. we solely collect the items listed on top of just in case your lost device is ever found by somebody else. the info that we do collect is encrypted in transit , therefore albeit somebody was ready to intercept it somehow they wouldn’t be ready to browse it.

So there’s no ought to worry about somebody “stealing” all of your personal data as a result of if they were ready to hack into Google and access that information – then they have already got the knowledge that is keep on your golem device together with any credit card numbers you would possibly have keep leading up to the sensible Lock feature being downloaded onto your PayPal account! Delete all devices under Settings > Security > Backup Assistant & Device Management .

Google uses one thing called Google Play services to assist you discover your golem device once it gets lost. for instance, with find My Device, Google uses data like approximate and precise location and distinctive characteristics regarding your phone to assist you discover it. Google conjointly collects personal identifiers to form it easier for you to find your phone, like the one you utilize to log into Gmail, that we have a tendency to escort your account on golem devices.

Google collects certain sensitive data to form your android device more secure and easier to recover if it’s ever lost or taken. It’s necessary to notice that not each golem device supports all of those options, as a result of every manufacturer could opt of constructing bound services accessible on their devices. Please confine mind that any information you select to adjust between your golem phone or pill and your Google Account also will be encrypted. Some information that is keep regionally on the device won’t be ready to adjust firmly with a Google Account, like if the choice isn’t supported by the manufacturer.

To make sure you’ve got as very little worry as potential ought to your phone/tablet or watch wander off, you can check if notice My Device is enabled to assist find it. the most effective thanks to try this is to go through the following steps:

To find, lock, or erase AN android phone, that phone must:

Be turned on

Be signed in to a Google Account

Be connected to mobile information or Wi-Fi

Be visible on Google Play

Have Location turned on

Have find My Device turned on

As a final resort to locate taken or misplaced devices, we’ve found it useful to put GPS trackers within the device. this is often used as a result of our messages and memos could somehow represent unwanted hands. we have a tendency to conjointly educate our shoppers that they’ll notice their manner home by distinguishing wherever they live and jaunt work with Google Maps, that is pretty easy these days further. With most technology accessible these days, one will ne’er be too careful once protective our conversations – particularly those associated with business.

Sttep 1: make sure find My Device is on

Open your device’s Settings app

Tap Security and so notice My Device. If you don’t see “Security,” tap Security & location or Google and so Security.

Tip: If you’ve got a pill that individuals share, solely the tablet’s owner will modification these settings.

Sttep 2: make sure Location is on

Open your device’s Settings app.

Tap Location. If you don’t see “Location,” move to your phone manufacturer’s support website for facilitate.

Turn on Location.

Sttep 3: make sure Google Play visibility is on

Important: If you hide a tool on Google Play, it won’t show in notice My Device.


Under “Visibility,” decide the device.

Sttep 4: activate 2-Step Verification backups

Important: If you utilize 2-Step Verification for your account, you wish to own a backup phone or backup code.

Go to your Google Account.

Tap Security.

On the “Signing in to Google” panel, faucet 2-Step Verification.

Add a minimum of one further second step, either: ​ ​​

Backup codes

Backup phone

Backups assist you come back to into your account if you forget your positive identification, lose your phone, or can’t sign on for an additional reason. Learn a lot of regarding fitting 2-Step Verification and backups.

Sttep 5: make sure you’ll be able to notice your device


Sign in to your Google Account. If this device has quite one user profile, sign on with a Google Account that’s on the most profile. find out about user profiles.

If you’ve got quite one device, click this device at the highest of the screen.

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