Dairy farming plays an important role in increasing the income of villagers and farmers. There is no doubt that this business is growing rapidly in India. Government schemes run by the state and central governments play a major role in this. One such scheme is the Dudh Ganga Yojana of Himachal Pradesh, under which the citizens of Himachal Pradesh are reaping immense benefits in the animal husbandry sector. In this scheme, apart from dairy farming, subsidies are also provided in related sectors, which farmers can avail without any hesitation.

Dudh Ganga Scheme
It was launched as a dairy venture capital scheme by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) through the Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of India. Under this scheme, micro enterprises involved in dairy farming will be converted into organized dairy business enterprises.

Dairy Farming Subsidy in Himachal Pradesh
A loan of Rs 5 lakh is given for 2 to 10 milch cows.
A loan of Rs 4.80 lakh is given for rearing 5 to 20 calves.
For vermicompost (to be attached to the milch cow unit) Rs. 0.20 lakh loan is given.
For Milking Machine/Milktaster/Large Milk Cooler Unit (Upto 2000 Liters) Rs. 18 lakhs loan is given.
To set up a unit for making indigenous products from milk Rs. 12 lakhs loan is given.
24 lakh loan is given for transportation of milk products and cold chain facility.
30 lakh loan for cold storage of milk and milk products.
2.40 and 1.80 lakh loans for private veterinary clinics on mobile and permanent units.
To set up a booth for sale of milk products Rs. 0.56 lakhs loan is given.

Purpose of Dudh Ganga Yojana
The objective of this project is to transform micro enterprises engaged in dairy farming into successful dairy enterprises.
Also, economically empower 50,000 rural families through 10,000 Self Help Groups (SHGs).
Under this scheme the people of rural areas are being encouraged to engage in retailing of dairy products and related activities on a large scale, which will help in uplifting their economic status.
In view of the Dudh Ganga Yojana, a target of 350 lakh liters of milk production has been set in the state every year.

Upto 50% No Interest (Dairy Farming Loan)
Under this scheme, loans are given to self-help groups at a cost of Rs 3 lakh for a dairy farm of 10 cows. 50% of the loan is interest free.

Loans for production of milk products
Explain that under this scheme there is a provision of loan up to 15 lakh rupees for installing machines and coolers for the purpose of milk production. To explain you in simple terms, this scheme provides loans up to 15 lakhs for production of dairy products. Similarly, a loan of Rs 25 lakh is also given for transportation of dairy products.

According to Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Minister Virendra Kanwar, a center for dairy farms and training will be set up in the state to modernize dairy farms in Himachal Pradesh.

The minister said that the central government has also approved the construction of modern dairy farms and training centers at various places in the state. The dairy farm to be built under this center will have the facility of keeping 400 milch cows with modern machines.

He said that veterinary officers and other staff posted in these farms would also be trained so that they could help the farmers in animal husbandry.

Animal management
The scheme covers all aspects like veterinary care under scientific animal management. The scheme envisages providing support for storage, preservation, processing and establishment of rural marketing network of milk products.

For your information, we may inform you that the Department of Animal Husbandry helps the beneficiaries to purchase milch cattle of suitable breed from within and outside the state.

Virendra Kanwar said that apart from caste reform, farmers will also be trained in modern dairy farming so that farmers can take care and manage animals on a scientific basis.

He said that the creation of the farm would increase the income of the farmers and also help in improving the quality of livestock and milk. With the help of modern technology, the method of insemination in animals will be improved and it will also help in preventing animal diseases.

How to Benefit from Dudh Ganga Yojana
If you want to take advantage of this scheme and develop your dairy farming in a big way then you can visit official animal husbandry website of Himachal Pradesh hpagrisnet.gov.in/hpagris/AnimalHusbandry. Here you will get detailed information about this scheme and you can also avail it from here.

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