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You are searching for How to get Income Certificate @ Portal? Do you want to get an income sample? Here we will give you information on how to get Avak no dakhlo online. Now we will give you details on how to get income proof so that you can apply online.

Who will benefit from income tax? The detailed information on how to get the benefits is given in this article. Which are as follows.

About Avak no dakhlo. What is an income model?

A government certificate is issued confirming your total income in that financial year which is called Income Statement after submitting the necessary supporting evidence as per government rules.

It is a government proof of your income. Avakano Dakhalo is also known as Income Certificate.

Note: According to the resolution of the Gujarat government, the time-limit of income pattern has been changed to 3 years. So keep the Avakano Dakhalo you get.

Table of Avak no dakhlo. Example of income

Table of Avak no dakhlo. Example of income
An example of detail voice
Under Gujarat State Govt
Department Name Social Justice and Empowerment Department
Type of article Certificate for taking up government scheme
The application has to be applied online as well as offline for the entry of Awak
Official Website Click Here

Where are supporting documents required for proof of income?
Applicant’s Aadhaar Card
Roshan card of the applicant
Applicant’s last Lightbill/Verabill
Aadhaar cards of 2 adult neighbors around the applicant’s residence (for Panchnama)
3 Rs. of coated fee tickets
50 stamp of Rs
Sample of receipt from Mayor/MP/MLA (any one).
One passport size photograph
Example of income which caste people will benefit?
Socially and educationally backward classes, economically backward classes, minority castes, nomads and freed castes can be examples of Awak.

Eligibility to receive income pattern:
The person applying for income tax certificate should be a resident of Gujarat state.
How to Apply Online for Income Statement?
To get Income Certificate you can apply online by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1:- Open the website of Digital Gujarat portal in your computer or mobile phone to apply online.

Step 2:- Click on Menu then the menu bar will open

Step 3:- Click Services in that menubar

Step 4:- Click on the Citizen Services option in the Services menu bar, a new page will open

Step 5:- Go down in that new page, there will be an option for Income Form (Avakano Dakhalo).

Step 6:- Click on “Income Certificate” for online application of Income Form.

Step 7:- Click on “Income Certificate” for income example.

Step 8:- A new page will open in which click on “Apply Online” below.

Step 9:- After making the online application, the login side of the registered user will open

Step 10:- If already registered, login with Login ID and Password

Step 11:- If not done then select to do New Registration

Step 12:- After logging in and Apply Online, a new page will open in which enter the correct Aadhaar number in the box and click on “Continue to Service”.

Step 13:- Submit all the details given in the online form.

How to apply offline to get proof of income?
Step 1:- Go to Digital Gujarat portal and take online appointment (if applicable in our takula or district)

Step 2:- Get appointment receipt and proof of income declaration form free of cost from the office of Mamlatdarshree and civic welfare center of the respective area.

Step 3:- After filling the form 3 Rs. No coat fee is applied on the ticket form by looking at the blank space at the top of the front page. And attach all the documents one copy with the form.

Step 4:- After filling this form, go to the Mamlatdarshree’s office or civic welfare center related to your area and go to the Talati Cum Muntrishri of your area to get all the documents verified, to answer and get the signature coins. (Talatishri may call the witnesses in person to do the panchanama if he deems it necessary)

Step 5:- After getting coins signed by Talatishree, go to the photo taking place for proof of income.

Step 6:- Take photo for proof of income, pay required fee, take receipt.

Step 7:- Check the date for taking the income statement in the receipt and get the income statement on that date.

Avak no Dakhalo Application Form
Click on the below button to download the application form released by the Gujarat government. You can download the application form of income statement in PDF format.

Download Income Entry Form PDF File

Avak no Dakhalo Helpline Number
If you want the helpline number of Digital Gujarat portal, then you will get the helpline number of Digital Gujarat (Help Desk) if you click on the button given below.

Helpline Number: 18002335500

FAQs of Avak no Dakhalo. Example of income
Q. What is income pattern?

Ans. A government certificate is issued confirming your total income in that financial year which is called Income Statement after submitting the necessary supporting evidence as per government rules.

Q. How many years is the time-limit for income statement?

Ans. The time limit for the income statement is 3 years.

Q. Which is the official website to get income pattern?

Ans. is the official website to get an example of Awak.

Through this article, we provide you with income patterns. All important information related to Avak no dakhlo has been provided. If you are still facing any kind of problem then you comment in the comment box, contact us we will solve your problem.



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