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RTO Driving Licence Test Questions In Gujarati Pdf | Driving Licence Exam Book PDF In Gujarati

Friends Digital services are getting boost in India and all states. While Digital India is being promoted in the country, Digital Gujarat Portal is being accelerated in the state of Gujarat. Today through this article we will talk about one such digital service, types of driving license, driving license exam and its exam book.

Driving License Exam Online

Highlight Of Gujarat Driving License PDF Download
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Article Name Book for Driving License Exam
Department Name Vehicle and Transactions Department
Official website
Direct link for license click here.

Important Rules for Driving License
There are some rules for issuing license in Gujarat. In which few rules are mentioned below.

● Citizens of the state have to apply online for the license.

● Two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle, if you want to drive on the road, you must have a license.

● You have to go through two steps to get the license

● First of all you have to get Learning Licence. In which the exam has to be passed on computer.

● Second step you have to take driving test through learning license.

● You have to go to your nearest RTO center to get the license.

● For Driving License, you have to give an online computer exam.

● Total 15 questions will be posted online in computer exam of RTO, out of which you have to answer 11 questions correctly to pass.

● The examinee is given 45 seconds to answer a question, if it takes more than 45 seconds the question will be considered incorrect.

● Question booklet is provided for online RTO exam. Which is available in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages.

● Finally, if you have any query regarding RTO exam you can get it from Parivahan Sewa official website of RTO.

Examples of exam questions for licensure
Friends RTO conducts online exam for license. In which questions are asked in the form of questions, in the form of symbols, etc., which are as follows.

When a person is injured after a vehicle has caused an accident
Take all steps to get the injured person treated, then file a report at the police station within 24 hours.

2. Where the road is declared one way,

        Do not drive the car or vehicle in reverse gear.

3. What is the duration of raw license?

        The validity of raw license is 6 months.
  1. What does red light in traffic signal indicate? This red light indicates a vehicle stop.
    1. Over tacking when approaching a turn? Not imperative.

Important Link of Driving License Exam
Useful books for driving license exam are given below with the help of which you will be able to pass the computer exam.

Useful book for driving license exam Download Book
Driving License Online Form Click Here
Download Application Click Here
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Home Page Click Here
Important Link of Driving License Exam

FAQ Of Gujarat Driving License PDF Download

  1. How to apply for driving license?
    a. Online application for driving license in Gujarat has to be done.
  2. Which is the official website for Citizens License in Gujarat?
    a. The official website for all operations and licenses for vehicles and transactions is
  3. What are the services available at Sarthi Parivahn Sewa?
    a. Learning Licence, Driving Licence, Conductor Licence, Driving School and online application status can be known.


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