eNagar App: Gujarat is one of the leading states in the implementation of key e-Governance infrastructure, policies, and projects. The State’s approach can be best summed up as Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast. The three fundamentals that characterize Gujarat’s e-governance initiative are Responsiveness, Transparency, and Accountability. Effective Online complaints & Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

Gujarat e-Nagar Urban Citizen Service Portal

At the State, Level eNagar Portals were designed and developed for online citizen-centric services to urban local bodies. eNagar project provides a wide range of services to the citizens such as Shops and Establishment, Registration of Marriage, Building Permission, Professional Tax, Hall booking, Property tax, Estate Management, Fire & Emergency, Complaints and Grievance, Water & Drainage, etc.. with online payment gateway facilities.

eNagar project has transformed the way citizens perceive administrative machinery. Irrespective of the place of habitation, a citizen can visit the e-Nagar portal online for availing of end-to-end citizen-centric services. Citizens can submit the application by payment of required fees/taxes/charges and can obtain online registration/certificate etc. Proactive information releases like Taxes Dues, Renewal, expiry of certificates/services. The objective of the project is to provide a single window for setting up of common Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) infrastructure by the State Government.

To have a cost & time-efficient, transparent, and scalable Web-based citizen-centric service and back office operation support system which is easily distributable and customizable for further replication in all Municipalities across Gujarat. Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services to realize the basic needs of the common man.

Enhance citizen service through efficient, responsive, and transparent eGovernance systems which reduces the time frame for approving and fast realization of the revenue. Standardize e-Governance solutions across different ULBs, on interoperable technology platforms with compatibility for forward and backward integration. Online tracking of the application real time Maintaining auto Citizen Charter and auto escalations.

eNagar Project covers 10 Modules with 52 services as below:

1. Property Tax 

2. Water & Drainage 

3. Building Permission 

4. Registration of Marriage 

5. License module 

6. Professional Tax

7. Complaint Module / Grievance redressal

8. Fire & Emergency Services

9. Land & Estate Management

10. Hall Booking online

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Improve the quality of Citizen Service- 24×7 access with optimal effectiveness and transparency in online service delivery. Online payment facility for Taxes, certificates, and other services.

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