How to Earn Money by Reading Books Online

How to Earn Money by Reading Books Online

How to Earn Money by Reading Books Online

There are many ways but today we will talk to you about a new way to earn money. If you read different books regularly or you love to read books. If you keep learning a lot by reading books, then this knowledge of today will be very useful for you.

Today I will talk to you about 6 ways to earn money, if you understand these 6 ways well, you can earn money even while reading books.

6 Ways to Make Money Reading Books

  1. By making a video

If you read books you can also make different types of videos on the book and upload them on Youtube and earn.

If you have read a book carefully and you have learned a lot from it, then you can make a complete video after reading the book that what you learned and learned from that book.

You can present through videos how you applied what you learned from that book and how your life changed.

Many people watch such videos before buying a new book or to learn something new.

You can even summarize an entire book in a 10 or 20 minute video. You can buy different books and make review videos on them.

If you like the idea of a book then you can make a video discussing it, you can understand the ideas of the books and share your thoughts in it through the video.

With such a video, viewers get to know more about the book. If there are many chapters in a single book, you can also make a video of each chapter to give understanding to the audience.

You should not copy the books but also add your own thoughts when you talk about the book so that the audience gets more value.

You can make such videos and put them on platforms like YouTube, you can also put them on Facebook and earn money from them.

If you want to know what are the ways to make money on YouTube then you must read our post: 8 ways to make money on YouTube.

  1. By writing the text

If you don’t want to make videos on books, you can write about them. You can create a blog on the internet in your favorite language English, Hindi or Gujarati in which you write articles about books and when readers start coming to your blog you can earn money by placing advertisements.

You can monetize your content in different ways by sharing your writing on different platforms like Quora, Medium, Instagram or Twitter and increase your readership.

All you have to do is have your own writing and people reading it, so you can earn money in many different ways.

  1. By creating graphics

If you like to make different graphics pictures you can make different graphics pictures in which you can show the events mentioned in that book and show the learning from it.

You can post these graphic images in different social media platforms and increase your followers.

When your followers start growing you can earn money through different earning ways.

Like you can do affiliate marketing, create and sell your own e-book, you can take different sponsorships.

There are many such ways of earning, you just have to have content and people to watch it.

  1. By making audio books

If you have a good voice or love to speak, you can create audio books of different books and upload them to different audio streaming platforms.

You can also upload audiobooks to YouTube and earn money. You just have to see what are the platforms that have audiobooks and how those people make audiobooks, the rules etc. you have to know and you can make great audiobooks.

  1. By creating a course

You can even create an entire course on a book in which you can give a better understanding of those books through your thoughts. You can upload that course in different platforms, you can earn money by selling this course. To promote this course you can advertise your course online.

  1. As a proofreader – Proofreader

You can also become a proofreader. Many writers need a proofreader because they need to correct all the mistakes before publishing their writing and a proofreader comes in handy for this job.

A proofreader goes through the text and looks for all the grammatical or spelling mistakes in it and also checks whether the text is readable or not and corrects all the mistakes one by one.

If you are proficient in a language, you can work as a proofreader in that language. You can also work as a freelancer.

Hope you found this information useful. If you do any work or work on any platform, follow its rules so that your hard work is not wasted. thank you



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