How to make money while studying in college | How to Earn Money as a College Student ?

Many students are in college and need to earn money to cover their own expenses. Many students even wish to be able to pay their own college fees.

Today we will show you 5 ways to earn money which if you learn, you will be able to earn money in your college life.

5 Ways to Earn Money in College – 5 Ways to Earn Money in College

  1. Tuition

If you have come to college, you must know something that you can teach others. Like you can speak, write, read English. You may know some subjects of 9th or 10th standard. You must know 11th or 12th standard subjects.

Whatever you know, you can teach other students who are younger than you by getting tuition and taking some charge from them.

Like if you know mathematics you can teach mathematics to those who are younger than you, if you know English you can teach English to other students.

In today’s era of online, you will find many websites online that give you money for solving math equations, if you look as a teacher in their website, you can teach other students online and you will also get money.

For example if you give tuition to 10 students and charge Rs 500 or 1000 per month from each student. In this way, if you take 500 or 1000 rupees from each of 10 students, you can earn (500 * 10 = 5000) 5 to 10 thousand rupees in a month.

If you understand the example given above and start something in this way, you will definitely be able to earn money, you can also do it according to your own idea, this example is given for your understanding.

  1. Business

You can also do business in your free time. Like you can set up your business online to a shopkeeper and charge them.

Currently there are many shops or businesses in India who want to bring their work online, then you can go to such businesses or shopkeepers and tell them about them online and give them their business related website, social media profile, WhatsApp business, Google map and listing of their business in Google app. You can take some charge from them by doing etc.

Their business will get more reach online and they will get more customers and you will get your charge.

You can do this process in just one hour because you know how to set everything up online, but if the shopkeepers spend a lot of time doing the same thing, you also save their time.

Once everything is set up, you can teach them that you have to do it this way. If you take even 500 rupees from a shopkeeper and make 15 such shops or businesses work in this way, you can earn as much as 500 * 15 = 7500 per month.

This was an example, in many cases you have to charge less and more but as you learn you can do a lot of good work in your college free time.

  1. Freelancing

If you know how to do something online or offline then you can do freelancing. Like if you are good at animation, video editing, graphics, photography, content writing, copy writing, website building, app building etc or any other work, you can ask different people for their YouTube channels or Instagram pages in email.

You can register with Freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork and get orders through your profile.

You can build your portfolio and reach out to different clients through social media.

You have to find clients that you can work for and they will pay you in return.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means someone else makes a product and all you have to do is help sell that product, you will get a certain percentage of commission on each product based on how many products are sold by you.

A product can be an offline product and can also be a digital product like website subscription, e-commerce website products, sale of different courses, sale of apps, services etc.

There are many websites on the internet that are looking for people to sell their products, courses or services, who will promote their products, courses or services to more people and people will buy them, and for this the website has an affiliate program in which you join and sell them. Plus you get commission on every sale.

You can earn money this way too. All you have to do is find out which Affiliate Program will be good for you and you can sell its products.

  1. Content Creator

Nowadays social media platforms are advancing a lot because in those platforms you find more content like videos, photos, text.

All these social media platforms have people like us who upload videos, photos and their own writing etc. online on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and earn money when people start viewing their content. .

Just like you can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube, similarly you can earn money on Facebook.

If you have a lot of followers, you can earn money on that platform by advertising, selling e-books, selling services or selling any other product.

You just have to see which platform will work for you. What do you like?

Like on which you can create some new content and thus you can earn from it by understanding the platform.

Hope you find these 5 ways to earn money in your college life useful. Now you have to see which way you like and what works for you and what doesn’t.



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