How to save mobile number by direct scanning?

How to save mobile number by direct scanning?

Many times friends you have a mobile number written in front of you in a paper or you have a photo in your smartphone itself in which a mobile number is written and you want to save that mobile number .

Today we will know how you can save the mobile number directly through the camera or through the screenshot without writing it down.

Today we are going to use the ” Google Lens ” feature through which you can take a photo and scan the number written in it and save it and if you have a photo in your smartphone then also scan it through Google Lens and write in that photo. You can directly save the mobile number in your smartphone .

So let’s know this simple way.

First open the Google app on your smartphone .

Now click on the Google lens icon .

Now you have 2 ways , if there is a number written outside the mobile then you capture its photo or if you have a photo in your phone with the mobile number written then select the photo by clicking on the gallery icon .

  • After selecting the photo or after capturing the photo, select the mobile number written in the photo and now you will see the selected mobile number below, when you see the mobile number correctly, then click on ” Add Contact ” and save it in the mobile.

In this way, friends, you can save any mobile number by scanning it directly through Google Lens without writing and saving it.

Hope this information was useful to you, thank you very much.



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