Khatar Sahay Yojana 2022 : Apply Now

Khatar Sahay Yojana 2022

Khatar Sahay Yojana 2022

Khatar Sahay Yojana 2022 | Fertilizer Assistance Scheme 2022: Crops grown in the field require different types of nutrients for their growth. Some nutrients are in the soil, and some are in the air. Apart from this some nutrients have to be added from outside. Elements like Urea, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Potassium etc. have to be given from outside. If all these nutrients are available to the plant in sufficient quantity, the growth and development of the plant will be good and the production will also be available in good quantity.

But the nutrients that have to be given from outside have to be given until the plant matures and this risk is also expensive. Therefore, the common class of farmers cannot take this fertilizer and even if they take it, they do not take it in sufficient quantity, so there is a slight decrease in the production.

Keeping all this in mind, the Gujarat government has released the “Water Soluble Fertilizer Support Scheme” on the Ikhedut Portal by the Horticulture Department of Gujarat State to ensure that there is no reduction in the production of farmers. Where is the benefit of this support scheme? Farmers can get? What will be the eligibility of this scheme? Where will the document be required in this plan? And get complete detailed information on how to apply in this aid scheme.

Khatar Sahay Yojana 2022 – Highlights
Name of the Scheme : Water Soluble Fertilizer Assistance Scheme
Beneficiary : Farmer of Gujarat State
Eligible Assistance: Maximum 10,000/- hectare eligible for assistance up to 50% of cost
Approved Website :

Eligibility and Rules for Fertilizer Assistance Scheme
Following are the eligibility criteria determined by Horticulture Department for Fertilizer Assistance Scheme.

Beneficiary should be native of Gujarat state.
The benefit of this assistance scheme will be available only to the farmers who have planted horticultural crops.
Farmers of all castes will get benefit of this scheme.
Water Solution Fertilizer as per the existing Fertilizer Control Act of Government of India – standards which are to be procured from private/public enterprises approved by the Government for production/sale.
The applicant will have to submit proof of having drip irrigation.
The beneficiary will be eligible to receive this assistance once in a lifetime
Assistance available under Fertilizer Assistance Scheme
The assistance available under the Fertilizer Purchase Scheme will be as follows.

A maximum subsidy of Rs.10,000/ha will be available as per 50% of the cost for the general farmer.
Assistance will be available in the area of 1 hectare.
A maximum of Rs.15,000/ha will be available for farmers of Scheduled Tribes at 75% of the cost.
Assistance will be available up to a maximum of 1 hectare
Khatar Sahay Yojana Registration Process:
Khatar Sahay Yojana online application has to be done on Ikhedut Portal. Complete information on how to apply is given below.

First of all search on Google by writing Ikhedut portal.

After searching, you will see official website of Ikhedut portal on the screen, click on it.

If the beneficiary is applying for the I Khedut Portal for the first time, he will have to login to the website first.

After the login task, you have to click on the “Plan” written on the home page

After clicking on “Scheme” the agricultural account schemes will appear on a new page.

It will have “Horticulture Schemes” written on it and “click here for details”.

Now a new page will open in which information about various types of horticulture schemes and application can be made

On this page (6) “Assistance in Water Soluble Fertilizers in Horticultural Crops” click on “Applicants”.

After clicking here, a new page will open where you have to fill the required information.

After filling the application form, click on Conform button and print the form.

The following documents should be attached along with the printed application form to the office written on the application form.

Khatar Sahay Yojana Required Document:

After filling the application form of this event from I Khedut Portal, the following documents along with its printout will not be given to the office where the address of the application form is given.

Beneficiary Farmer’s Aadhaar Card Nizeroks

Xerox of Resoncard
Xerox of Aadhaar Card
Xerox of 7/12/8 of land
Xerox copy of first page of pass book of bank account details given while applying online
A document showing proof of residence has to be attached with the application form
Important link

Official Website: Click Here



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