Know owner name from any vehicle number MParivahan app

Today we are going to tell you the procedure to find owner name and vehicle registration details from any vehicle number through MParivahan application.

In which the name of the owner of the vehicle, which company the vehicle belongs to, when the vehicle was taken, insurance or not, PUC or not, all the details will be seen. Yes, how do you use the mParivahan app?

Before using the transportation application, first of all we should know what this app is for and what we can do with this app.

So let’s know in detail what is mParivahan app and how to use it and what can be done with it.

What is MParivahan application

mParivahan App is an application developed by NIC for traffic operations. This app is made for both your Google Android and iOS.

Through this app you can see the challan deducted on your vehicle, with the help of this you can get the complete information of your sister.

You can know all the details through this application launched by the Transport Department of the Government of India.

Through m transport app, you can find any vehicle or vehicle owner and get complete information about how old and where this vehicle is. Along with this you can also get information about the insurance and fitness of the vehicle.

Driving license and sister registration can also be done from the mParivahan app, in which this feature is very simple and can be done very easily. We will give you complete information about this app how to register a vehicle with us and how to get a driving license. So let’s know how to use this app.

You can get vehicle owner details from vehicle number in three ways.

  • RTO mParivahan App
  • Official website of Transport Department
  • How to use M-Parivahan App

➤To use mParivahan app, you first need to download and install it from Google Play Store.


➤After this you have to register your mobile number by opening this app.

➤You will need OTP to register, then you will register by providing OTP.

➤Now the dashboard will open in front of you, now you can get your vehicle information by entering vehicle (DL number) number or (RC number) registration number.

➤Also, if you want to register and restrict a new driving license, click on whatever you want to do by clicking on the menu and after that you will ask for your documents, then you will have to fill in the information and your registration will be completed. .

Check the vehicle details from the official website of the transport department

➤ First you have to go to google and search parivahan. Just click on the link while searching

➤Then you will see such a page in which you have to click on RC Status.

➤Then you have to write the number of the vehicle that you want and then click on Vahan Search, then you will see all the information of the vehicle.

So you can see here that after entering the number of the vehicle, all the details are opened here. In which the name of the owner of the vehicle, which company the vehicle belongs to, when the vehicle was taken, insurance or not, PUC or not, all the details will be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions for MParivahan ?
Where can I download MParivahan app?
You can download mParivahan app from Google Play Store on your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of MParivahan app?

With this app you can keep all your vehicle documents safe. And you can know about services like Driving License, RC, Salary Tax etc through this app.

How to add Virtual RC?

We have explained the complete process of adding to Virtual RC Dashboard in detail in our article. You can see our article to get information about it.

What is the procedure to install MParivahan app?

To install the app you need to go to the Google Play Store on your phone. After that, you have to go to the search bar and search by typing mParivahan app. The app will appear in front of you, you have to tap on the top app and now there will be an install option in front of you, you have to click on it. This way you can install mparivahan app.

Who can use the MParivahan app?

All citizens of India can use this app.

How to add virtual dll to dashboard?

Above in this article, we have explained in detail the process of adding you to Virtual DL Dashboard. You can read the information provided in our article to know about its process.

In which phone can I install MParivahan app?

Citizens can install this app on both Android and iOS mobile phones.

What is the official website of mtransport?

The official website of mparivahan is We have given you a link to this website in this article.

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