List of all schemes on ikhedut portal for horticulture farmers

Different schemes are run by Gujarat government for different categories. Various schemes run online portal. Like schemes run on ikhedut portal for farmers, E Samaj Kalyan runs for social welfare schemes.Furthermore various village industry schemes run on e-kutirportal. Today through this article we will provide information about the list of horticulture department schemes launched recently on ikhedut.

Horticulture Scheme Gujarat 2022
Many welfare schemes have been implemented by the state government to double the income of the farmers. Various schemes are running on ikhedut portal. Such as agriculture scheme, animal husbandry schemes and horticulture department etc. are running. Horticulture Scheme Gujarat 2022 has recently been launched by the Department on iKhedoot Portal. More than 60 schemes for the welfare and development of farmers have been put online by the horticulture department. Various welfare schemes are available on the iKhedoot portal, which the government has requested the farmers to take advantage of by July 31.

Horticulture Scheme Gujarat – Highlights
Article Name List of Horticulture Schemes 2022
OBJECTIVE OF HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT Instrumental support for the purpose of increasing cultivation of horticultural crops
Department Name Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation Department Gujarat
Mode of Application Online
Official Website
Last date to apply is 31 July 2022
List of horticultural schemes
The name of the sequence element
1 Harvest the fruit planted with ultra-intense cultivation
2 pineapples (ts)
3 Other aromatic crops
4 production unit
5 Assistance for cultivation of medicinal / aromatic crops
6 Assistance Program for Plantation of Kamalam Fruit (Dragonfruit).
7 tuberous flowers
8 Compost making unit
9 plantains (tsu)
10 For technology induction and modernization of cold chain
11 Cold chain management program
12 To promote cold chain
13 Cold Storage (Construction, Expansion and Modernization)
14 Cold Room (Staging) (Capacity 30 Mt.)
15 For Intimately Cultivated Fruit Crops – Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, Lemon
Name of Krum Horticulture Scheme
16 Stranding of ongoing tissue culture lab
17 loose flowers
Renovation/ regeneration of 18 old orchards with canopy management
19 Aid in cultivation of tissue culture Kharek
20 Tools, equipment, shorting/grading equipment, PHM equipment (plastic crates with equipment like scales, packing materials, shorting/grading machinery)
21 Tractor mounted/ operated sprayer (above 35BHP)/ electrostatic sprayer
22 Tractor mounted/operated sprayer (less than 20 BHP)
23 Stem Flowers (Cut Flowers)
24 Establishment of new tissue culture lab
25 small nurseries (1 Ha.)
26 for nethouse -cylindrical structure
27 papayas
28 Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated Taiwan Sprayer (12-16L. Capacity)
29 Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated Taiwan Sprayer (Capacity above 16L)
30 Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated Taiwan Sprayer (8-12 L. Capacity)
Name of Krum Horticulture Scheme
31 For planting material and cultivation expenses of carnation and gerbera grown in poly house/ shade net house.
32 for polyhouse (naturally ventilated)-cylindrical structure
33 For planting material and cultivation cost of orchids and anthuriums grown in polyhouses/shednet houses
34 Primary/ Mobile/ Minimal Processing Unit
35 pre-cooling units (capacity 6 tonnes)
36 Plug Nursery
37 Plug Nursery (Vanabandhu)
38 Plastic Covering (Mulching)
39 Plastic Mulch Laying Machine
40 Assistance in fertile planting material
41 fruit plantations (for Dang District – HRT-10)
42 Fruits like Dwaksha, Kiwi, Passion fruit etc
43 Assistance in planting material for plantation of fruit crops (vanbandhu)
44 Functional Infrastructure (Collection, Shortening / Grading, Packing Units etc. and Quality Control / Analytical Laboratory)
45 Assistance in packing materials under post harvest management of horticultural produce
Name of Krum Horticulture Scheme
46 Support for new units of possession of horticultural crops
47 Establishment of Bio Control Laboratory
Vritika (stipend) to 48 women trainees
49 Manual Sprayer – Knapsack/ Foot Operated Sprayer
50 Ripening Chambers (Maximum Capacity 300 MT)
51 Refrigerated Transport Vehicle
52 Establishment of Leaf Tissue Analysis Laboratory
53 Low Cost Preservation Unit
54 Fruit crops other than fruit crops with high cultivation costs
55 High Cultivation Cost Aromatic Crops (Patcholi, Geranium, Rosemary etc.)
56 Integrated cold chain supply system
57 Strawberries
58 Spawn Making Unit
59 Self Propelled Horticultural Machinery
60 Assistance in freight for export of horticultural produce by air
Eligibility for availing Horticulture Scheme
Under Krushi Sahay Yojana Gujarat 2022, the eligibility of the beneficiaries to avail the benefits of this scheme is determined. Following are the eligibility criteria for availing horticulture schemes.

Must be a farmer of Gujarat state.
Small, Marginal, Women, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste, General and other farmer beneficiaries will get benefit from these schemes.
The beneficiary farmer should be a land holder.
The farmer beneficiary has to apply online from I khedut portal to avail this scheme.

Evidence base for availing horticulture scheme
IKhedoot portal has been created to provide benefits of Khedoot Yojana to the farmers of Gujarat. In which online forms of various farmer schemes are filled. Following documents are required to avail the scheme of Horticulture Department and fill the online form.

Copies of Farmer’s Land 7-12
SC If caste certificate
ST. Caste certificate if any
Copy of Ration Card
Aadhar card copy of farmer beneficiary

Certificate of Disability for applicant (if any)
Details of soul registration if any
Details if the farmer is a member of a co-operative society
If the milk producer is a member of the society
Mobile number
Bank account passbook
How to apply to avail the scheme?
To avail the horticulture schemes one has to apply online on the i-Khedut portal. To avail this subsidy scheme online application has to be done from I kedut. Farmers can apply online from VCE from their Gram Panchayat. Farmers themselves can apply online at home. So let’s get its detailed information.

The farmer brother must first type ‘ikhedut’ in ‘Google Search’.
Open official website from google search result.
After opening the Khedoot Yojana website, click on “Scheme”.
In which, after clicking on the plan, the “Horticulture Plan” on rank-1 should be opened.
It will show a total of 60 schemes for the year-2022-23 after opening the “Horticulture Scheme”.
In which you have to click against the plan as per requirement.
Are you now a registered applicant farmer? In which if the registration has been done earlier then “Yes” and if not “No” then further processing has to be done.
If registered by the applicant, Captcha Image has to be submitted after entering Aadhaar card and mobile number.
If the beneficiary has not registered on Ikhedut Portal then fill the online form by selecting ‘No’.
The farmer has to save the application after filling the information completely accurately in the online application form.
The beneficiary farmers have to check the details again and confirm the application.
Once the online application is confirmed, there will be no correction of any kind.
Finally, the farmer can get the print based on the application number.



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