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If you need a loan, you can get this loan amount from any bank or non-banking financial company, the information of which will be given through this post. We will give information about where to get the loan. We will give all this information through this article, from where to get a loan, which organizations can go to for a loan.

Get a Loan By Government Yojana – Loan information

Loans are provided through various schemes by Central Government and Gujarat Government . These government loans are for studying abroad, starting a new business, doing village industries, for academic studies etc.

Central Government Loan Yojana – Loan information

Government of India has implemented many loan schemes for all the eligible citizens of the country to avail the benefits. Which are as follows.

Government of Gujarat Loan Scheme – Loan information

Various loan schemes are provided by Gujarat government. Including loan assistance scheme for women, loan scheme for students, loan for new entrepreneurs etc. Following is the information about various loan schemes of Gujarat Government.

Government Bank Loans

There are many government banks, non-government banks, private banks etc. operating in the country. In which there will be many government banks in your area. Many types of loans are given by banks. The lending banks are as follows.

Loan given by Private Bank

As government banks provide their services in the country, private banks also provide services to the citizens. In which there will be many private banks in your area. Many types of loans are also given by banks. The list of which is given below.

  • Loans offered by Axis Bank
  • Loans offered by Bandhan Bank
  • Loans offered by Federal Bank
  • Loans offered by  HDFC Bank
  • Loans offered by ICICI Bank
  • Loans offered by IDBI Bank
  • Loans offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Loans offered by RBL Bank
  • Loans offered by Indusind Bank
  • Loans offered by City Union Bank
  • Loans offered by Yes Bank

Various loans offered by banks

Different types of loans are provided by government and private banks. All these loan types are given below.

  • Personal Loan 
  • Home Loan 
  • Education Loan   
  • Car Loan   
  • Home Top up Loan  
  • Business Loan  
  • Gold Loan  
  • Scholar Loan  
  • Pension Loan  
  • Property Loan  
  • Mortgage Loan  
  • Agriculture Loan 

Loans offered by Private Finance Company

There will be many non-banking finance companies located in your area. The companies which have been issued license by the government to provide loan services. Following is the list of such non-fines companies.

  • Loans offered by Power Finance Corporation Limited
  • Loans offered by Shri Ram Transport Finance Company LTD
  • Loans offered by Bajaj Finance Limited
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. Loans provided by
  • Loans offered by Muthoot Finance Ltd
  • Loans offered by HDB Financial Services
  • Tata Capital Financial Services ltd. Loans provided by

The above non-banking finance companies also provide many types of loans.

Loans offered by Micro Finance Company

There will also be many micro finance companies in your area which the government has issued license to give loans. Which will be providing many types of loan to you, the list of which is as follows.

  • Loans offered by Equitas Small Finance
  • ESAF Microfinance and Investment (p) Ltd. Loans provided by
  • Loans offered by Fusion Microfinance Pvt Ltd
  • Annapurna Microfinance Pvt Ltd. Loans provided by
  • Loans offered by Arohan Financial Services Limited
  • Loans offered by BSS Microfinance Limited
  • Loans offered by Asirvad Microfinance Limited
  • Loans offered by Cashpor Micro Credit

Co-Operative Bank Loan

There are many co-operative banks in Gujarat and the co-operative sector in the country. And through them services are provided to citizens. Such banks are licensed by the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat to grant loans. Following are the Co-Operative Bank Loans providing services to citizens.

Instant Loan through Digital Application

Nowadays technology is developing very fast. Today, in the mobile and digital age, new research is done. As a result of which many companies are currently giving online loans by creating their own mobile application. The list of Instant Loan Apps is as follows.

Above many types of companies provide online instant loan by creating their own mobile application. While taking a loan through an online mobile application, you need to be very careful that you can become a victim of online fraud . So, apply for a loan from a reliable mobile application.


  • How to get a loan?
    • You can get a loan by going to the bank in person and depositing the documents, through the online website and now also through the mobile application.
  • How many types of loans are there?
    • Different banks offer different types of loans. In which there are many types of Home Loan, Personal Loan, Gold Loan, Instant Loan, Car Loan, Instant Personal Loan etc.
  • How much can get a loan?
    • A citizen’s own profile is checked to get a loan. Based on which the loan is given.
  • How to Calculate Loan EMI
    • There are many calculators available for calculating loan EMIs. In which Home Loan Emi Calculator, Car Loan Emi Calculator, Personal Loan Emi Calculator etc. can be calculated with calculator.

Friends, you can use all the sources to get the above loan, you can apply for the loan by selecting the bank, company or application by depositing your document or uploading it online and you can get the loan to complete all your work.

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