Mukhya Mantri Paak Sangrah Structure Yojna

Mukhya Mantri Paak Sangrah Structure Yojna

Detailed information of the scheme

Although the farmers of every class of the state get good production of agricultural products, unseasonal rains, storms, heavy rains and other factors affect the quality of the products and the lack of proper system for long term storage of the crops leads to spoilage of the crops.

In order to save the crop production, if the farmers of the state get the facility of storage of farm produce, the crop production can be secured for a long time and the availability of secure crop storage godowns to the farmers will maintain the quality of the farm produce and enable them to sell it at the right time, so that the farmers will benefit financially and as a result Farming can become more negative. For that purpose, a scheme to provide assistance to the farmers of the state to build crop storage structures has been launched from the year 2020-21.

100% State Awarded Scheme.

Pre-requisite for availing the benefit of the scheme

  • Any farmer of the state can take advantage of this scheme.
  • One can take assistance per account once in lifetime.
  • A structure of minimum 330 square feet area is to be constructed and prepared as per the specifications of the crop storage structure as mentioned in the resolution. Details of assistance remain subject to resolution.

Benefits of the scheme

The following assistance is provided under the scheme.
30 percent of the total cost to the farmer beneficiary or Rs. 30,000 (thirty thousand) whichever is less (in two installments: First installment: Rs.15000/- on completion of plinth level work and second and final installment: Rs.15000/- on complete completion of crop storage structure)

Method of availing the scheme

Specimen of Application Form/ Resolution

Application: Online application is to be done on i-khedut portal (
Resolution: Available on the website of the Director of Agriculture, Gujarat State (
One has to apply on the i-Khedut portal ( and follow the prescribed procedure to avail the benefits.
More information about this scheme is available on I-Khedut Portal ( portal.

For this scheme one has to contact the District Agriculture Officer of the concerned district whose information is available on i-Khedut portal (



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