PM eVIDYA : PM e Vidhya Portal Know Scheme Objective, Benefits and other information



PM eVIDYA Portal: Due to the outbreak of Corona, the condition of individuals worldwide has worsened. From which they will not be able to get out for some time. However, children’s education has been affected the most. Because as Corona increased, the lockdown increased. Under such circumstances the youth will not be able to get higher education. In light of this, Smt. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman released PM E Vidya Portal Yojana (PM e–Vidya) student registration. Through which students will get higher education.

PM e-Vidhya Portal

Government of India has launched PM eVIDYA programme. Under this scheme, top hundred universities of the country will start teaching students through online education after 30th May 2020. There are many students across the country who do not have access to the internet. Swayam Prabha DTH channel will be launched to provide education for all those students. The government will also launch 12 more similar channels under this scheme. Apart from this, a Deeksha platform will also be launched which will include e-content and QR code energized books for all classes.

Objective of PM e-Vidhya Yojana

Everyone has a right to proper education, as you know. To achieve which our government is working hard. But this is not happening for the last two years. As a result children cannot get better education. In order to provide better education to the students in this situation, the government launched this scheme. He started this strategy with the intention of achieving it. Children will also learn something new from this, which is a unique aspect. The government is of the view that children should have all their legal rights. There should be no slack in it. Because the future of the nation depends on it and it is a question of their future.

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Eligibility for availing this scheme

  • You must be an Indian resident to avail this scheme.
  • If you are looking for information about the scheme, you can find it by visiting the website set up by the government.
  • Students are the target audience for this scheme. Because of this, only they can participate.
  • The government will introduce the scheme to 25 crore children through website, TV and radio.
  • For this, the government will launch several platforms through which students of class 1 to 12 will receive subject-specific instruction.
  • For this teachers will also get training from the government. So that he can use these methods to teach children.

Benefits available under PM e-Vidhya Yojana

  • Central government has started this scheme. All the children of the country are benefiting from this.
  • This scheme will ensure that children get high quality education.
  • Once this scheme is launched, about 25 crore youth of the country will get benefit from it.
  • Top 100 colleges will soon offer online education to national students.
  • TV is another medium that can be used for this. This allows all students, even those without access to the Internet, to receive an education.
  • The government will introduce 12 more such channels as part of this scheme.
  • A portal called Deeksha will also be introduced, which will provide e-content and revived books with QR codes for all classes.
  • The government will also refer to this initiative as “One Nation, One Digital Platform”.
  • The government will broadcast this scheme on radio for blind children.
  • The government will take all necessary measures to ensure that the lockdown does not have any adverse impact on the students’ ability to learn.
  • Due to this government scheme, students will get education from the comfort of their homes.

Basics to avail PM eVIDYA Portal

Everyone applying for this scheme should keep in mind that they are students.
As information regarding your Indian status will remain with the government, you must have a residence certificate.
Aadhar card is a must for a student to apply, so it is very important to have it.
In addition, a passport size photograph is required so that the applying student can be easily identified.
A mobile number is also required so that you can get the information you need about the plan immediately.

How to apply in this scheme?

If you want to avail PM eVidya scheme then you don’t need to apply anywhere. By visiting the official website,, you can submit the application directly. After that, you can use any of the various services of the plan. The Government of India has launched this scheme in an effort to improve education for all students.



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