Search these 8 things on Google and then watch it

Search these 8 things on Google and then watch it

If any question comes to your mind, you remember Google and search something on Google.

Today I will ask you to search 8 things on google and if you search these 8 things you will find something different in google search engine and you will not see these things.

These Google Tricks will work in both your mobile and computer.

If you want to use this trick in mobile then turn on “Desktop site” option in your mobile browser and search in google then this method will work,

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To enable desktop site option in mobile browser read our post: What is desktop site? – Information about the desktop site

Search these 8 words on google and see amazing

1) Askew/tilt

First of all you have to go to Google’s main website and search there by writing Askew or tilt.

When you search for this term, your Google page will be slightly horizontal.

2) Do a barrel roll

If you go to and search for do a barrel roll, your eyes will roll around the Google page.

This google trick is very powerful and with this trick you can even shock your friends.

3) Blink Html

Friends, if you go to and search blink html, whatever html is written in the result will start blinking.

You must try this google trick and you will have fun.

4) Google in 1998

When you type google in 1998 on Google and search, your search result will show an interface like the year 1998.

This trick brings back old memories.

5) google gravity

When you go to Google and type google gravity and click on the button with I Am Feeling Lucky, then your Google and all the Google buttons will be disconnected and will fall down.

You can also grab and throw this piece.

6) zerg rush

When you type the words zerg rush on Google and press I am feeling lucky, then the search result will appear in front of you and a round ball will appear from above and your search result will gradually disappear.

7) atari breakout

When you type atari breakout on google and press the i am feeling lucky button, your page will change to a game.

In this game you have to keep a ball from falling down and if it falls down, move the slider to make it go up.

8) Recursion

When you type Recursion on Google and Did You Mean will appear in front of you. When you click on Did You Mean, you will come back to the same page.

Even if you click on it again, you will come to the same page again and it will keep going in a loop.

9) Related Sites

If you use a website a lot and want to see another similar website, let me tell you a cool Google search trick.

You have to search the keyword written above in Google. Now I have written Facebook as an example, if you change the name of another website instead of Facebook, Google will try to show you another similar website.

10) Search PDFs

If you want to search PDF files in Google then this trick will be useful for you.

Your Query filetype: pdf

You have to search the keyword written above in Google, in which you have to delete Your Query and write the name of the question you have or the PDF file you want to search for.

This way the result you will get will be in PDF format.

I hope you like these Google Tricks and enjoy searching these words on Google.



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